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The Golden Fleece

Character List (Text and Pictures only)
Mythology Photos

Questions for “The Quest for the Golden Fleece:”

1)      What was the first stop of the quest for the Golden Fleece?

a.       Colchis

b.      Olympus

c.       Lemnos

d.      None of the above


2)     How did Princess Ino feel about the death of Phrixus?

a.       Loved it

b.      Hated it

c.       Mocked it

d.      None of the above


3)      What kind of smell did the Harpies have?

a.       A pleasant scent

b.      An odorless scent

c.       A tolerable, but not intolerable scent

d.      None of the above


4)      How would you feel if you were given a charm to make you invincible? Would it make you happy or, if you think in vain like Jason, not willing to do it because it shows that you were weak?

By: Ernie Patenia and Niyah Richardson