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The Golden Fleece


Character List (Text and Pictures only)
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Outline: The Quest of the Golden Fleece


Introduction – This chapter is about Jason and the Argonauts journey to the land of the Golden Fleece.


I.             The First:

a.       The Golden Fleece started off with a Greek King named Athamas.

b.      He married the daughter of the King of Thebes, Princess Ino after “putting Nephele, his previous wife, away.”

c.       Ino wanted to kill Nephele and Athamas’ son, so she plotted the plan of tricking the King to “sacrifice the Prince.” The Golden Fleece was given to Phrixus. But when the sacrifice was about to begin, a golden ram sent by Hermes saved Phrixus and his sister, Helle.

d.      Helle fell into the sea— now called the Hellespont or the Sea of Helle—and she soon died.

e.       Phrixus was brought to Colchis. During his visit, he gave the Golden Fleece to King Aeetes in return for the Kings kindness.

II.          Jason’s Quest Begins:

a.       Phrixus took over the kingdom of one of Jason’s uncles. In time, Jason came boldly back to claim the land that is rightfully his.

b.      Pelias was told of his own death by an oracle by which would be done by a kinsmen. He said to be aware of a man wearing only one sandal, who was really Jason. Jason wanted the land, but Phrixus refused. Only one condition would Phrixus accept, which was that Jason goes on the journey for the Golden Fleece. Jason naturally accepts the challenge.

c.       Jason first stops at Lemnos, an island ruled by all women. They killed all men, except for the old king.

d.      Hylas fell into a spring by a nymph. Jason searched forever, but alast, decided that they have to sail without him.

e.       When Jason beached them, they saw a man named Phineus, who was being attacked by Harpies. When the Harpies touched the food though, it was too foul to be near it, let alone eat it. He and a few of his crew members helped and then they were welcomed gladly for it. They couldn’t kill them though, because Iris, the rainbow messenger of the gods, said so.

f.       They sent a dove into a rocky area in which they wanted to make sure was safe for them, which it was, so they did.

g.      Hurrying fast through the Amazonian people, they finally reached the land of the Golden Fleece.

III.       The Troublesome Relationship:

a.       Hera, scared of the trouble that they were in, confined with Aphrodite, who wasn’t really her friend, for help. She agreed b/c of Hera being the Queen of Olympus and all. Cupid was used to make the Colchian King’s daughter, Medea, fall in love with Jason. It worked, she did fall in love with him, but later didn’t like to feeling.

b.      If Jason wanted the Golden Fleece, King Aeetes said that he had to Complete the tasks given:

                                                              i.      Yoke two fire-breathing bulls with bronze feet

                                                            ii.      Plow a field

                                                          iii.      Put the teeth of a dragon into the furrows, which made armed men spring out of the ground.

c.       Jason agreed to the tasks.

d.      Medea, feeling such a mad passion for Jason, was about to kill herself, but thought hard about it and decided the opposite.

e.       Medea told her nephew to tell Jason to meet in someplace at sometime. At that time, she gave him a charm to make him, and anything that touches it, invincible for one day. He responded saying that he will never forget her.

f.       Jason, with the help of the charm, completed all the tasks. King Aeetes was mad. Hera knew, so told Medea that she would have to fly with Jason. So late at night, she sped to Jason’s ship to beg him to get the Golden Fleece fast, which she knew where it was.

g.      Jason killed Apsytus, Medea’s brother, b/c he was going to try and stop them. They had successfully attain the Golden Fleece

h.      They encountered a bronze man, who was bronze. The only thing that could kill him as a pierce in his one ankle, which Jason did and killed him.

i.        Pelias forced Jason’s father to kill himself. So in revenge, Medea told Pelias’ two daughter that she could make their father young again. She proved it, and they gleefully agreed. She told them to cut him up into pieces and the put him in a pot and have her say the magic charm, but when they did so, Medea was gone from the room. They had just killed their father.

j.        Medea was in her exile b/c of her passion for Jason.

k.      Jason, rather than allowing his wife, Medea, to be killed, he chose her to be in exile.

l.        Medea told of all her wrongs, and Jason responded saying that it was Aphrodite who saved him, not her.

m.    Medea was mad now b/c Jason was marrying another. She send his new wife a gift, a drugged robe, which, when worn, burned you to death. It worked, and the new wife was dead.

n.      Medea killed Jason’s new wife and their two sons. She left Jason on a chariot drawn by dragons.

By: Ernie Patenia and Niyah Richardson